Meredith Johnston is a fiction writer focusing on stories of life.  An avid reader since childhood, Meredith graduated with a degree in Rhetoric from the University of Illinois.  She finds inspiration in the intricacies of relationships and the beauty of everyday life.  

In Miss Johnston's debut novel, My Irrational Fear of Thunder, Jessica Kilpatrick goes out for dinner and comes home with a puppy whose devotion not only gives Jessie the courage to rescue herself from the foolish choices of her insecurity, but also introduces her to an intriguing motorcycle-riding ER nurse who is interested in more than just her dog.

Meredith's short story "Something More" appeared in Potpourri vol. 9 no. 7.  She also writes a recurring column for Windy City BMW Breeze, the newsletter for the Chicago chapter of the BMW Car Club of America, and serves as Editor in Chief for and regular contributor to Cruizin’ Newz, the magazine of the Z Series Car Club of America.

Meredith lives with her two dogs, Gracie and Joey, in the Chicago suburbs.  Every winter she dreams of a pool in Arizona.


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